Little update-o-roo

Hello lovelies,
Ah I love taking a break from my studies to look at all of the posts on here. I'm not going to lie, I love waiting and letting the anticipation build to look at like 30 entries. Procrastination at its best. WOO
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An update? I think so.

Well hello everyone! I feel like I am due for an update. My locks range all over the place. One is two years or so? Some are four months, and some are locking up naturally.
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Not so much venting..

So I guess I am relieved right now. I'm on "summer break" right now. I actually got finished with school on the 29th of July and I start again August 23th. I won't complain too much though since I am already quite bored. All of my friends are bored too, but yet when I suggest things to do they always give excuses. Meh, it's okay. I am probably going skydiving this weekend again. It's such a stress release to me. I'd also like to go to Panama City Beach next week for a few days but uh, that seems a bit doubtful. I feel like Lafayette has way more action when I leave it to drive home. New Orleans was nice last time I went. It's hard to go so much during school, but it's so hard to resist it. I am sure some people can agree. Oh crap I forgot my dog outside!

The wonders of WAX (HAAAA)

Hello all,
Tonight I was bored. I decided hey, I have three very small and thin locks that aren't locking. I know, I know...time and patience. I just wanted a bit thicker one. So I decided to brush them out.
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Ah well this week was the beginning of college finals. So far I have taken Chem Lab 103 and now I have a B in the class =o)) and an A in my orientation class (duh). I have Chemistry 101, English 101, and Math 155 left. I am nervous about the math and chem. UGH! Anyway, I told some people wrong. My lovelocks turn 3 months on the 13th not the 12th. My industrial piercing will be 4 months on the 12th. Ugh dates confuse me but I tend to just remember. Live journal is like my "bible." WELL no, let me elaborate, Get_up_dread_up is. I don't know what I would do without it. I am sooo ready to get out for the christmas holidays. The first thing on my list is to try and get a job at one of the nursing homes in my tricity area. I am a CNA. THEN I want to do a deep cleaning on my locks with the whole baking soda and stuff. I need to really look into that. I hardly ever post journals. I really just use this for GUDU. There was a small update. I'll post 3 month pictures on GUDU when that day comes. ADIOS
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My first journal entry =o))

Well it's been a while. I had one of these things a long time ago. Then lost my password or whatever. You know, new things came and livejournal went bye bye. Quite sad now that I think about it.
So many new things are going on in my little life. I started college in August. It's hard, I admit. I am also a procrastinator though. I got bored with my hair, which was pretty. It was longgg and wavy. I didn't take care of it correctly though. I never got it trimmed or anything. I stopped brushing it everyday. It got PRETTTY NAPPY. So I decided dreads. I had actually thought about dreads for about a year now. I knew about the hard work and stuff that they would be. Pretty crazy. Enough about that.